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 Welcome to the Southern Backcountry

The mission of is to promote the many opportunities for hiking and backpacking in the South Eastern United States. Too often the majority of information on trails is geared toward the Western part of the United States. But there are many great opportunities to get out and see nature in every state in the South.
In the pages of this site you will be introduced to trails that are suitable for overnite to thru-hiking trips. Some trails will be more detailed as to routes to take, water availability, etc than others. Some trails will simply be overviews of the trail or area. Contact information will be provided for all trails as well as schedule of fees and some GPS coordinates for trailheads. Also, you will find information that relates to equipment that you must have when in the backcountry, as well as food possibilities for the backpacker.
Although the South Eastern United States is not known for its high mountains, it does has a wide variety of worthwhile backcountry terrain and wildlife worth exploring. There is something about taking a pack with everything you need to live for a day, week or more and heading out into the wild places of the South. Whether in the company of friends with whom you develop a close bond around the enchanted glow of a campfire, or alone with just your thoughts and the beauty of the land and creatures around you; ther is just no better way to establish a connection with the land the way it used to be, when people first came here and fell in love with the South. These are the trips which show the South our ancestors saw and loved, and reveals to us why generations of Southerns feel such a tie to the land.
Here you are invited to explore the swamps, prairies, creeks, valleys and mountains of the South Eastern United States. And hopefully you will feel compaled to come out and explore these areas of beauty and reconnect with the wild land that once was the Southern United states.

So grab yourself a drink and sit back and learn of the many wonders of our South, then grab yourself a pack and head out to see what the South holds for you.

Southern Backpacking

Adventure in the Deep South
Water fall in Big Creek Gulf, TN
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Alabama's Pinhoti Trail
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