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Southern Backpacking

Adventure in the Deep South
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Sipsey Wilderness, continued

Bankhead National Forest
After taking in these lovely sights, return to Trail 205 for the river crossing. Upon crossing the river you will follow the trail to the left hand side toward Trail 201. You can take another side trip here to the right along a trail that is not on the map for a short distance, then bushwack to a beautiful waterfall which I cant find on my maps. It was the largest waterfall we saw on our trip (of course this was after a flash flood, all the waterfall photos so far were before the flood and would all have been flowing much better had they been taken on our way out). You should be able to bushwack to the falls by flowing the creek that comes into view at the end of the trail. You will hear the fall before you see it, and it is well worth the bushwack.

You will follow Trail 205 for roughly .5 mile to the juction of Trail 201. Take the left hand branch here and be prepared to basically climb up a naturally stepped water fall (at least water was flowing in it when we were going up it). It will be a somewhat steep climb at first. Once you reach the top of the falls, you will have about 2.5 miles to hike to the parking area (Randolf parking area). This will be a gradual but steady uphill that rises about 200 foot in elevation. Once you arrive at the parking area you are about 8 miles to the Recreation area to pick up your other car.
Sipsey Wilderness Map
Here is a printable 16 page PDF of the best Sipsey Map I have found. It shows all the trails and most notable features in the wilderness area.
You can get more information on this area from the Bankhead National Forrest website.
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