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Southern Backpacking

Louisiana is by no means a major backpacking destination. It does however have a few worthwhile backpacking trails. The trails that are in Louisiana see a decent bit of use. Most trails that can be backpacked will already have many spots for the backpacker to make camp in. Often the best features of the State can be seen only from these trails.

Many of the backpacking opportunities in the state will bring one into contact with the feature most associated with the state - swamps. But this is by no means all that one will find on a trail in the state. You can find yourself in a pine forest, traveling over gently rolling hills, looking out at what appears to be a vista or mired in mud. And this can all be on the same trail.

Most of Louisiana's backpacking is found in the central part of the State in its only National Forest or in one of 2 State Parks with backpacker specific trails.
Of the State Parks with trails suitable to backpacking, Chicot State Park has the longest trail (19 + miles). It has 6 back country sites on a first come first serve basis. Then there is Lake Fausse State Park with a mere 3.5 miles of trail and 7 backcountry sites, these sites are also first-come/first-serve.

Of the Kisatchie National Forest trails that may be backpacked you have the Backbone Trail and the Caroline Dorman Trail (which can be done seperately or combined into one hike) and the states longest trail, The Wild Azeala Trail.
Below you will find links to the trails that you can backpack. On the trail specific site will be the National Forest or
State Park info.
Backbone Trail, Kisatchie NF
Caroline Dorman Trail, Kisatchie NF
Lake Fausse St. Park Trail
Chicot St. Park Trail
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