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Southern Backpacking

Adventure in the Deep South
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Alabama is a jewel in the crown of Southern Backpacking. It is a place of beautiful mountain vistas, excellent rock formations, various sized waterfalls, mixed wood forests, swamps, and beaches. It has nearly every kind of camping and backpacking that you can imagine in one state. It has many trails which are well used and many backpackers, albeit the majority are probably locals. It is a perfect place to experience the best of backpacking.

There are four National Forests in Alabama offering an abundance of hiking and backpacking opportuinties:
Bankhead National Forest
Conecuh National Forest
Talladega National Forest
Tuskegee National Forest
Below you will find a listing of trails that have been backpacked by us, with a report on each trail. Each trail will have a listing of maps, websites and phone numbers for more information on each trail. It is suggested that you call ahead to get the most up-to-date conditions for a trail before setting out.
Sipsey Wilderness, Bankhead NF
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