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Southern Backpacking

Adventure in the Deep South


All text and photos on this site, unless specified otherwise, are
On these pages are links to other sites with useful information on hiking and backpacking, trails, food, gear and other backpacking/hiking related topics for Southerners.
The go to site for reviews of gear by real people. Also a great place for information on many aspects of backpacking, as well as a forum for meeting other backpackers and picking their brains on trails and techniques.
This is the site for Backpacker magazine. Here you will find many how to's of backpacking, advice on gear, recipes for the trail, trail information and a forum section that is invaluable for information and a good place to meet others interested in backpacking.
Alabama Trails
Great source for information on Alabama trails from those who actually use the trails. The site has articles about Alabama trails, but the center piece is the forum where you can get first hand information from real Alabama backpackers and hikers.
This site has some of the most complete information on hiking and backpacking in Alabama.
Alabama Hiking Trail Society
Arkansas Trails
This is a great place to get information on trails in Arkansas from those who
actually hike the trails.
MS Outdoor
One of the few sites with information on hiking in Mississippi.
A Fork in the
This site is another site the is built around a cookbook, but it also offers alot of good recipes and advice for the trail.
STICK's blog
A good friend of mine's (from MS) blog. He discusses techniques, gear, etc.
FBC Cooking
Great style of cooking on the trail that allows you to just boil water and pour in a freezer
bag of food. Great recipes and advice.
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